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DandN's Elvis Presley Fan Club

Membership Info

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D&N's Officers with Elvis in Hawaii

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D&N's Elvis Presley Fan Club

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Club History

D&N's Elvis Presley Fan Club was chartered in June 2000 by Dotti (D) and Nancie (N) who are lifelong Elvis Presley Fans. Dotti and Nancie saw Elvis live in concert in 1975 and 1976 in Houston, Texas. When Dotti & Nancie visited Graceland in January 2000, they saw a need they could meet in the Elvis community for a new fan club. D&N's Elvis Presley Fan Club is officially recognized by Graceland and Elvis Presley Enterprises.

Elvis 75th Birthday ~ Jan. 8, 2010

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"I want YOU, baby!"

To become a member of D&N's Elvis Presley Fan Club only requires a love of Elvis Presley and the commitment to keep his memory alive. All of our correspondence is done by e-mail, through Facebook.com. There are no dues.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to keep the memory of Elvis alive through charity efforts in his name, meeting other Elvis fans throughout the world and by teaching new generations about the legacy of Elvis Presley.


D&N at Graceland - Elvis Birthday 2009

D&N's Elvis Presley Fan Club Members

Nancie Craft, President; Dotti Varnell, Vice President; Mandie Craft, Treasurer; Delores McAllister, Secretary; Sarah Harper, Tiger Harper, Sue Smiley-Height, Becca Harrison, Kathy Helton, Joe Fordo, Michael Malitas, Tyke Harrison, Jenna Montgomery, Maria Mendes, Mary Hinds, Marjorie Wilkinson, Parker Robertson, Caden Kilburn, Dawson Kilburn, Madelyn Kilburn, Anna Hamilton, Robin Roseanne, Connie Burk, Sandra Mojic, Jay Gordon, Mike Freeman, and many more...

D&N's Elvis Presley Fan Club ~ Elvis Week 2008